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Men’s Addiction Recovery Treatment in Pflugerville, TX

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Individual and group rehabilitation

The Any Length Experience is a spiritual retreat near Austin, Texas designed to guide men and their families from addiction to recovery. We rehabilitate men by providing them with individual and group sessions led by licensed clinical counselors at our addiction focused retreat in Pflugerville, Texas. Through our full continuum of care you and your loved ones can successfully break the cycle of addiction and achieve a new life of freedom and purpose.

Providing a positive men’s addiction treatment experience is based not only our comprehensive, tailored recovery practices, but also on our knowledgeable and experienced support team. From our qualified recovery mentors and licensed clinical counselors to our wellness trainers and admissions staff, our team is here to guide you and your loved ones through every step of the journey.

Our Men’s Recovery Retreat

re·​treat | \ ri-ˈtrēt
Verb: an act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable
Noun: peaceful and private place where you can go in order to rest

Any Length Retreat is a place for you to relax, re-connect, and heal. Our spacious, inviting ranch house sits on 5 acres of natural beauty amidst walking trails, sand volleyball courts, outdoor meditation spaces, and roaming cattle nearby. Our warm, comfortable, and home-like environment is the perfect place for men’s addiction rehab. It’s a place where you can start to build the foundations of your recovery journey. Recovering from addiction can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. At Any Length Retreat, we invite our residents to just relax and be themselves. We believe every individual should have professional addiction care in the comfort of a restful and loving home.

Intervening on the Family

30 Day Men’s Addiction Treatment

Relapse is a part of many people’s journey toward lifelong recovery. While it is important to remember that relapses do not equal failure, we also must recognize that professional help is often necessary to get us back on the right track. Our intensive 30 day addiction focused retreat brings men back to their recovery lifestyle in a compassionate and judgment-free environment.

We help you understand why you fell back into old habits and behavior patterns by renewing your practices with the 12 steps along with individual and group sessions led by licensed clinical counselors. At our men’s recovery retreat near Austin, Texas men can strengthen their foundation in recovery even after a relapse.

Mutual support in rehabilitation

60 Day Men’s Addiction Treatment

Our 60 day addiction focused retreat focuses not only on why drugs and alcohol are a problem, but also on why we choose to escape our fundamental, underlying problems through drugs and alcohol.

During the 60 day Pflugerville men’s addiction treatment retreat we will address the root causes of addiction, not merely the symptoms of addiction. We rehabilitate men by providing them with individual and group sessions led by licensed clinical counselors at our addiction focused retreat in Pflugerville, Texas. We focus on healing the whole individual – mind, body, and spirit – to rebuild life skills, relationships, and a sense of purpose.

meditation in recovery

90 Day Men’s Addiction Treatment

Our 90 day retreat offers a more restorative experience for men who desire extended support through a longer length of stay.

The recovery lifestyle becomes fully integrated with time, as men create new sets of healthy habits – mental, emotional, and physical. The 12 Step disciplines and positive interpersonal relationships become second nature. As men rehabilitate they will continue to have the support of our recovery mentors and licensed clinical counselors. 

With extended men’s addiction recovery treatment in Pflugerville, TX men have ample time and individual attention in our community setting, giving them the utmost confidence and resources to achieve success in long-term sobriety.

12 Step Facilitation

Personal changes after rehabilitation

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), recovery from addiction “not only implies improvement, but also potential remission.” The underlying premise of recovery is that there is hope – hope that a person with a potentially fatal illness can avoid catastrophic outcomes. The ASAM points to 12 step facilitation (TSF) as one of the most effective modalities used by addiction treat centers today.

Despite developments in addiction pharmacotherapies that treat triggers and cravings, 12 Step Facilitation is an evidence-based treatment that continues to be a successful approach for addressing the inherent causes of addiction. According to the ASAM, 12 Step Recovery “addresses the psychology of the person with addiction as well as their spirituality, personal values, connectedness, willingness to engage with others, and humbly ask for help.” The persistence of the TSF modality, the strong community, and the solid relationships amongst the people facilitating men’s addiction rehab could prove to be even more important than the modality itself.

TSF teaches that being responsible, accountable, loving, selfless, and helpful to others is all part of being in recovery. The goal of 12 Step Facilitation is not only to achieve recovery; it is to achieve a better life. We pair 12 Step Facilitation with both individual and group sessions led by licensed clinical counselors so that men can successfully rehabilitate from their addiction.

Fitness & Wellness

Both fitness and proper nutrition are key to maintaining long-term recovery and high quality of life.

In order to heal the whole individual, we must focus on repairing the damage substance use has on the physical body. We work to repair that damage through physical fitness and wholesome nutrition provided at our men’s recovery retreat near Austin. This isn’t about looking fit, although that can be a welcomed result. It’s about developing a consistent practice of camaraderie, discipline, and determination that increases self-esteem and self-worth.

Alumni: The Lifelong Support Program

Any Length Retreat developed the Lifelong Support System, a system of continued guidance and reinforcement for our Alumni, to help them achieve their goals of sustainable, lifelong sobriety.

At our retreat in Pflugerville men’s addiction treatment is an ongoing process. We understand that a strong community is vital to achieving recovery and maintaining it long-term. For this reason, there are no “patients” at Any Length Retreat; we are a family. Moving beyond a men’s addiction rehab center in Austin is simply the first step in the lifelong journey of recovery. Every member of our family receives a continuous level of support, communication, and care, even after they leave our retreat. Recovery is most effective when it is integrated into every aspect of one’s life, and that requires daily support and guidance.

Become part of our growing alumni and get the support you need to maintain lifelong recovery.

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